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Greetings of representative

Kenji Oshimi2005 International PDR Dent Olympics certification

Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I’m Kenji Oshimi, also serves as the representative Trust Dent Group, Inc. (TDG) and the President of TRUST DENT.

Thank you for your time taking a look at company website.

Immediately after the technology called Dent Repair method has entered Japan from abroad, I just stepped into this industry. Learning the skill of dent repair in Japan, Studying at the best place to learn it, An achievement of getting a result out into the Dent Olympics for the first time as Asian, Opening a real dent repair school first time in Japan,

Getting an offer of hail damage repair from the “real world” for the first time in Japan and so on, and I think that I have been experienced with things as long as I have been working on as an individual dent repair craftsman. Although I would like to make the use of "the further development of dent repair industry in Japan" with this experience in the future, there are plenty of things to do for us, as TRUST DENT Group (TDG). One important thing is that showing customers “the real technique” throughout our work to let them realize the fact that the finish comes out differently pretty much by technicians who have completely different experience and know-how of dent repair methods.

Furthermore as you know, it can be turned “as new “but never be “new” even if a very skilled technician repaired a thing. “How much you can approach to 99.9%....” That is the big appeal of craftsman. And especially in the most of dent repair method is “manual” on paintless dent repair, I think the phrases "absolute", "perfection" or "100%", "I fix anything” are not the case. “This is the range of paintless dent repair”, “This is a dent for the bodywork”. We continue to keep providing advice truly as a “dent repair shop” and we, TRUST DENT, Inc. has kept on doing it stubbornly since its inception.


  • 2005 International PDR Dent Olympics 5th Place
  • 2011 MTE PDR Mentor Of The Year
  • 2011 Vale Training Solutions Certified PDR Technician 【Master Craftsman】
  • 2013 ~ TRUST DENT.Inc, became an Authorized Partner Of Vale Training Solutions
  • 2014 PDR Dent Olympics Official
  • Vale Training Solutions PDR Certifying Administrator
  • National Alliance of PDR Technicians (NAPDRT) Member
  • PDR Nation Certified Member
Career Career
PDR Certification Program【Master Craftsman】For the first one as Asian
Career Career
Authorized PDR Certifying Administrator with Vale Training Solutions
Career Career
PDR Certification for PDR Natgion

Proof of real technique approved by the world

Proof of real technique approved by the world
5th place for the first time as Asian at Dent Olympics in 2005

Proof of real technique approved by the world
With the MTE Organizer

Proof of real technique approved by the world

(Left: This is Day 2, I ended up in a good time with being defiant and the presence of mind.)
(Center: You will never know that working on dent being surrounded by people from industry is so tense.)
(Right: At award ceremony. 5th place in 40 people from 6 countries. I was so happy.)

Letter of blessing from the organizer

Letter of blessing from the organizer